Why the South Wales Mountain Sheep?

For Farmers

The South Wales Mountain ewe is everything the modern farmer needs; sustainable, efficient, profitable and resilient. The South Wales Mountain is a low input ewe capable of achieving lambing percentages of 150% under difficult conditions and mountainous terrain. In more favourable conditions, the lambing percentages will exceed 150%.

Well known for her mothering ability, longevity, hardiness and adaptability to many types of farms, the South Wales Mountain ewe is also well suited for cross breeding with terminal sires such as the Suffolk, Charolais and Texel. The South Wales Mountain ewe produces a responsive lamb, active within minutes of birth: on its feet and suckling without intervention.

Profit drivers on sheep farms are kg sold per ewe, lamb weight and the price achieved. Utilising cross breeding can help to improve these factors. By using the South Wales Mountain ewe both physical and financial performance can be improved which include hitting market specification and adding value to lamb sales.

For Butchers

The South Wales Mountain sheep offers a number of valuable features:

  • tender texture
  • mature taste
  • sweetness
  • customer feedback: the best lamb they’ve EVER tasted – they are so juicy and succulent
  • they finish well off grass
  • pure bred lambs usually grade a minimum of grade R weighing typically between 14kgs and 18kgs

For those raised in their original mountain terrain, and naturally fed on mountain grasses, a unique flavour is achieved, arising from the vegetation on the mountains where they feed.



For Breeders

Many breeders have their own personal preferences when breeding South Wales Mountain Sheep, while keeping within the breed standards. This leads to a wider diversity in the “type” of sheep offered for sale, giving an enhanced variety so the buyer can select the sheep most beneficial to their flock.

A breeder wants a hardy, prolific, milky ewe, which can breed good quality replacements with excellent mothering ability and high lambing percentage, especially in more challenging environments.

Breeding South Wales Mountain Sheep is extremely rewarding, and many farmers have gained a lifetime of enjoyment and satisfaction from breeding this remarkable and distinctive breed.