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The South Wales Mountain Sheep, which is also sometimes called a Nelson or a Glamorgan Welsh, is the largest in size of the Welsh Mountain breeds.

It is believed to be of the same primitive ancestry as the Welsh Mountain Sheep, but for many years has been self-contained and bred to a definite local type, the characteristics of which have become so pronounced as to make it distinct from any other hill breed.

It is found chiefly in the hill districts of the Glamorgans, Gwent and in southern parts of Dyfed and Powys.


South Wales Mountain Sheep have been reared on the harsh hill pasture of South Wales for generations. Their ability to thrive where lesser breeds have failed has ensured their predominance in the area. This natural survivability means that they are excellent converters of grass to meat.


Since the early 1980’s members of the South Wales Mountains Sheep Breeder’s Society have operated a flock recording scheme. Lambs are individually tagged and dams and sires recorded.

By this means, a high health status has been maintained in flocks and genetic improvements have been possible. The Society is particularly proud of its history of flock recording and buyers at the Autumn sales are increasingly aware of the importance of a proven breeding record when purchasing replacement stock.

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