South Wales Mountain Sheep Society

Nelson Ewe Sale 2018

Nelson Ewe Sale 21st September 2018

An excellent entry of sheep on offer which saw an improvement in prices on the year.

Yearling Ewes

Ms. J & G Phillips £108

Mr H.O. Vicary £106

Average £92.13

2 Year Old Ewes

Mrs O.B. Williams £80

Mrs C. Roberts £78

Average £77.43

3/4 Year Old Ewes

Mrs Shirley Williams £80

Mrs O.B. Williams £76

Average £71.53

4 Year Old Ewes

H. Edwards and Partners £80

Mr H. Smith £75

Average £67.55

Full Mouth Ewes

Mr H.O. Vicary £73

Mr H.O. Vicary £68

Average £60.96

Show Results


1st Mr H.O. Vicary

2nd Mrs O.B. Williams

Large flock Ewes

1st H. Edwards and Partners

2nd Mr Ray Morgan

Small Flock Ewes

1st Mr Arthur Davies

2nd Mrs O.B. Williams

Ewe Lambs

1st H. Edwards and Partners

2nd Ms. Morgan and Lindsey